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Our Services

Our method for each garden is tailored to each client’s requirements, which will include some or all of the following:

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The design process starts with a meeting where we listen to what you want and need from your garden; then we assess and survey the site. The initial stages of the design process enable us to understand your vision.

We then create a concept design with illustrations allowing you to follow our interpretation of your vision. As the design progresses we meet with you regularly, so you can you share your opinions. The final stage focuses on the fine details; from material selections to ornamental elements.

Hard Landscape Construction / Project Management

We undertake as much of the work in-house as we can, ensuring the build meets the high quality that we demand. However, we may outsource in certain circumstances, for example, if some jobs require specialist machinery and skills.

We project manage any outsourced work to ensure the highest possible standards. We only outsource using companies that we know and trust.

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Soft Landscape Installation

When we supply plants, we ensure that you are getting the best quality available at reasonable prices. All plants are hand selected and checked to ensure that they are in good health and have the best start to their life in your garden.

Prior to the ordering of the plants, we establish a planting schedule (what, where and when).

Before taking delivery of the plants, the area is prepared so we can start planting straight away. After planting, we will provide guidance and help to ensure the plants become well established.

After Care and Management

We provide a design landscape management plan, if needed, which provides guidance for the garden maintenance.

In addition, we provide an ongoing care service for the upkeep of the garden utilising both in-house or external companies.

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Soft Landscae
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