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A Slice of the Mediterranean

In the heart of Essex lies a Slice of the Mediterranean, formerly laid as an uninspiring lawn with a claustrophobic patio. We transformed the space into a colourful Mediterranean garden which instantly transports you to the landscapes of southern Spain. We always take time and pride in our efforts to blend the design with the surrounding landscape and ensure that all the plants selected will survive and thrive in the garden.

We were commissioned to design and implement a unique garden that replicates the warm olive-tree-covered landscapes of the Mediterranean. Taking inspiration from the aesthetics of southern Spain (golden paving, red terracotta and vivid hand-made tiles), we blended these with the traditional characteristics of the house to create an integrated feeling from inside to outside. To achieve the mature Mediterranean appearance we introduced 5 mature and semi-mature fig trees and 24 mature olive trees of various cultivars – one of which is in excess of 150 years old.


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